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slider-hopeSome focus on the “cause” of their wounds: Joseph Kony and his rebel army and we are thankful for those who are making the world aware of the horrors of Kony’s actions. VOH focuses on the “cure” for the wounds; through our time, love, and hope in the grace of God to bring healing to the hundreds of orphans affected by the brutal attacks of Joseph Kony and his army by the name of the “Lord’s Resistance Army.”

VOH has relocated orphan children living on their own in what used to be called IDP camps. They have been left to survive on their own. Many live in mud huts with their siblings, digging in the ground for roots or hunting birds so they can eat.

We have relocated these orphans and their siblings to a place we call the “Village.” It is 100 acres far from the affects of the war and memories of the LRA. We have children’s homes with loving “moms,” an Elementary School where they all can get an education that will provide them with the skills needed to succeed in their world and not “just survive.” There is spiritual nurturing and counseling to help them heal from the pains, wounds, and heartache from years of abduction, abandonment, and hopelessness.

And we will continue building Villages, homes, schools until every single child has a home!