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4-14_DavidIt amazes me how much our children have grown. When I see one of our kids who used to come to my stomach and now they are taller than me… I am blown away. Not only have they grown physically, but also in their own personal lives.

A few years ago we brought “David” (not his real name; left in photo) to the Village. He had been abducted, abused and was now an orphan. So when he moved to the Village, he had many physical and emotional scars. Those don’t go away just because we give them a home and food. His first year was difficult for him. He pulled a machete on one of the house moms.

What do you do??? We want to keep our homes safe, but also understand his history.

We did expel him for 3 weeks, but remember talking to him and telling him, “You are better than this. God believes in you, and so do I.”

Today, he came up to me and gave me a big hug (he had to bend over) and then handed me a bracelet he made that said, “I love Mum Cindy”. There are no words that can adequately describe what I felt at that moment and now….

ONLY GOD can change a heart!

-Cindy Cunningham