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Village of Hope Uganda began in 2006 when Cindy Cunningham went on to Africa on behalf of  ALARM. She returned to the United States unable to erase from her mind the children whose stories she carried with her; stories of unimaginable terror.  Cindy quit her job and began Village of Hope.  Since then, she and her team have been committed to rehabilitating child soldiers and trafficked children who have fallen victim to all forms of atrocities.

In the past year, Village of Hope has acquired a new piece of land to build their next village.  Already, 150 children have been identified to move into Bobi, the new village, once it is complete.

We want to continue sharing the story of Village of Hope to help bring awareness to the injustices facing the children; to share with you the stories of children at the village whose tummies and hearts are getting filled; and to make you aware of opportunities for you to be part of the change happening in Uganda.

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