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"Sweet Mum" - Mother's Day May 2014Dear friends,
I wanted to share this sweet letter
I received as I was leaving Uganda
for the US a few weeks ago.

It may have been written to me;
but the heart of this letter is
meant for ALL of you, who have
supported Village of Hope over
the years.


Sweet Mum, Sweet Mum, Sweet Mum!!!

Hello Mum
How sweet you are to us, mum
We are here because of you, mum
We are proud because we have you, mum
We love to be with you all the time, mum
Your smile to us gives us strength, faith, courage.
How sweet you are, mum

How kind you are to us mum
You are kind because you care about us
You provide us with our need so that we will be the star to our future
You make us forget our problems through providing us shelter, education center
What a joyful heart you have for us, mum!!!
How sweet you are mum

How merciful you are to us mum
You don’t hurt us, but you take good care of us
You love to be with us
You care about everyone equally
How sweet you are mum

How faithful you are
You are faithful to your plans for us
You care, love because you are a mother to us
Thanks mum
How sweet you are to us
You are precious to us

I appreciate you a lot, mum
Written by
Prossy Faith
Senior 3