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Safe HouseSafe House:

The Safe House is a home in Gulu where 25 destitute orphans will be living, where they will receive in-depth counseling, food, clothes, love and a place where it is safe for them to heal.

The house is complete! The fence surrounding the property that will protect the children is being in the final stages of being completed!

We still need $6,000 to buy beds, bedding, clothes for the children, and kitchen supplies before we can move the children.

Please consider giving towards the completion of the Safe House!


The Village is where we will build homes, a school, medical clinic and grow agriculture for over 300 orphans. It is exciting to see all the progress that has been made in such a short time.

Our dream is to move our orphans out of the fear and insecurity in Gulu to this Village. They will have the opportunity to be “children” again, not having to fear abduction by the Rebels and can begin healing from all the trauma they have experienced.

The 100 acres of land has been purchased. The Architectural plans for the land is being completed. A well will be drilled in 30-60 days!

Our next steps: Phase I

Build 10 homes: $200,000
Build a 6 classroom school: $40,000
Build a farm house, livestock pens, barn and start growing crops to feed the children and bring in an income for the Village. $30,000
Build a Director’s home: $20,000

This will allow us to move the first group of 100 orphans to their new home!