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VOH orphan testimony from Justin Ogen

Justin in 2019

Justin is currently studying at Gulu University and volunteering with African Revival (where he goes to schools to teach sanitation). When he was very young, he would buy milk and sell it cup by cup to his neighbors to help feed his family. He recently shared his testimony with us and gave us permission to share it with you.

He told us, “I know one day I’ll be in the U.S. sharing with the world what God has done. And in all corners of the world where support came from. If people haven’t seen God, I share how He has worked miracles in my life.”

Justin’s testimony

Before I joined VOH in 2009, I was a despised, broken vessel wherein there was no pleasure. I turned left and right but there was no way through; chaos was the order of the day; cries and sound of sorrow was the only voice I could hear in my ear.

Today VOH has laid for me a strong academic foundation which has made me able to excel in all my level of studies from primary, secondary and I know I will continue to excel from the university where I am pursuing a national diploma in Records and Information Management.

God has used VOH to restore love, joy, hope and peace in my life and my family. Looking at the past history of war where I went through terrible moments in life at my early age which made me to look down on my destiny, seeing how people were being slaughtered like chickens even involving my family members which broke me physically, spiritually, emotionally and made to hold bad things in my heart. I thank God that through VOH I truly have found joy, love, and peace in my heart and learned to forgive in my life and it has built me to become a young man who teaches the word of God through the inspiration from VOH.

I have learned how to set my goals, missions, visions in life which stands as guiding principles. VOH has taught me to work with integrity, transparency and many other things. VOH has brought hope to this helpless young boy through the help, support, care, love, provision and other unspeakable words. Only eyes can testify of wonders that God has done through VOH.

In a nut shell, VOH has helped me and is still helping me to grow in the way and the fear of God which is the only way to attain all that we want in life through Bible study and counseling sessions of which has a great impact in my life. Glory to God!

My life is a living testimony!!”

Justin Ogen