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From college prep (advanced secondary school) and associates degrees (certificates) to technical college and university, VOH youth are pursuing their dreams. Once graduated and employed, they will be self-sustaining and provide for their guardians and siblings. However, since many of these youth aren’t fully sponsored, we must raise $73,000 more to provide their tuition.

Three VOH students have graduated from University (two are teaching in our schools) and we hope 12 more will graduate in 2021.  If universities fully reopen from the COVID-19 restrictions in 2021, there will be 119 VOH students enrolled in higher education programs.

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  1. Youth graduate as young men and women who follow Jesus and share their faith with others.
  2. Give youth ownership in their education by requiring financial responsibility for their education requirements (excluding tuition).
  3. Create a scholarship fund and criteria for future VOH students who have the desire and talents to attain higher education.
  4. VOH alumni become role models and mentors for younger students and siblings.


Tuition averages

  • $600/term for university
  • $400/term for technical college
  • $300/term for advanced secondary