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Gulu Outreach is a three-pronged program ministering to the needs of vulnerable orphans, guardians and the Tabitha Artisans (former sex slaves). Eight community counselors (all Ugandan) are focused on implementation of this program.


There are still vulnerable orphans living in dire conditions in the areas of the former IDP camps. This program provides food, medical aid, physical and spiritual nourishment and school fees in community schools as funds allow.  Since March 2020, our focus has included emergency aid in the form food & sanitizers to VOH children/youth impacted by COVID-19 lockdown.


  1. Every child hears the good new of Jesus and has opportunities to study the Bible.
  2. Help guardians provide nutrition and medical care for the orphans in their care without creating long-term dependency.


Emergency relief – food and sanitizers

Guardian Angels

VOH is intentional in ministering to the guardians who oversee VOH children during periodic school breaks when authorities require the children to travel back to their districts of origin. These guardians, too, were wounded in body and spirit during the war and need healing. VOH provides support and training for them to become nurturing leaders and protectors of the orphans and other children in their care. During the COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions of 2020, this program has been key to the safety and well-being of VOH orphans when schools were closed nationwide and all our children were sent back to their guardians.


  1. Guardians hear the good news of Jesus and has the opportunity to engage in regular Bible study.
  2. Guardians receive healing from wounds that remain from the war.
  3. Guardians gain the tools for long-term success in raising their own children and the orphans in their care.


Operating Funds – community counselor salaries, fuel for transportation, etc.

Tabitha Artisans

Tabitha Artisans stringing paper beads

A self-sustaining program, Tabitha Artisans, ministers to women who endured violent rape and sexual servitude in captivity, then returned home with their rebel-fathered babies. Through the Tabitha Women’s Center microeconomics project, they learn artisan skills (basketweaving, sewing, paper bead making, soap making), receive business training and earn fair pay for the merchandise they make. The merchandise is then sold to support this program and VOH orphans.


  1. Each woman heals from the wounds of her past trauma through counseling and Bible studies.
  2. Every woman understands her new identify in Christ.
  3. Each woman learns the skills and knowledge to sustain herself and her children.