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Bobi Village is located on 50 acres approximately 30 miles south of Gulu, Uganda and about 1.5 hour’s drive north of Bweyale. Students reside in family-style homes with names such as Peace, Joy and Freedom – reinforcing each child’s identity and position in Christ. The Village is located on 50 acres and includes a primary (elementary) school, medical clinic, worship center and counseling center.  All staff are Ugandan and most grew up in region. An small agriculture program (maize, beans, vegetables, coffee and bananas) helps provide food for consumption and sale the program includes maize. The entire Village is solar-powered.

As children graduate from primary (elementary) school, they transition from Bobi Village to Bweyale to pursue secondary or vocational education.


  1. Each child leaves loving Jesus and are beacons of light in their homes, communities and country.
  2. Each child heals from their past traumas and understands their new identity in Christ.
  3. Each child receives a strong educational foundation.
  4. Each child understands their God-given talents and abilities.
  5. Each child learns the life skills that will help them thrive in their home community.

Current Needs:

  • Child Sponsors play an important role in the life-transforming work of VOH. In addition to financial support, sponsors have an opportunity to build a relationship with their sponsored child through shared letters and photos.
  • Operating Funds for food, medicine, school supplies & equipment and salaries (teachers, counselors, house moms & assistants).

Future Needs:

  • Guidance counselor
  • Comprehensive Education Program Launch
  • Library building and books