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We believe in the power of prayer – that it is the most powerful and effective weapon we have. Join a vital part of our organization by becoming a VOH Prayer Partner. We will share the prayer needs of our VOH orphans and staff so you can intercede on their behalf.


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Our Current Prayer Needs

While Uganda’s schools are closed due to the pandemic lockdown, the government required we send VOH orphans out in community to stay with their guardians. Most of these guardians are medically-hindered and have many orphans under their roof. Please lift their needs up in prayer.


Our kids are gripped with fear! Fear of the unknown. Fear of starvation. Fear of not being able to return to our Villages. Fear of being raped and becoming pregnant.


At least 72 VOH orphans along with their guardians & siblings have been displaced by recent heavy rains in Northern Uganda with some losing their entire homes. Some villages have been totally cut off as bridges have been washed away. Many in the community have also lost their crops resulting in more food shortages and sickness due to malaria and water contamination.

National Elections

Ugandans are going to the polls on January 14 to elect their president and other officials. Please pray for a peaceful process.

Full Reopening of Schools

Pray schools can safely and completely reopen soon so the kids can come back to the safety of our Villages.


During this time, men are taking advantage of our girls. Sometimes it’s their own relative – an uncle or grandfather.


During this time, it’s difficult for people to get medical care due to lack of funds and/or not being able to travel to the clinics. VOH steps in to help, but some won’t seek medical attention because there’s a stigma to COVID-19. In their minds it’s a death sentence.