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Rose Abner
The Director of Village of Hope Uganda
  • The Director of Village of Hope Uganda

Rose Aber

 is the Director of Village of Hope in Uganda. Rose was born and raised in Uganda and as a child lived in the town of Gulu, only to have to flee to safety from Rebel attacks. After Rose graduated college, she returned to Gulu with World Vision where she counseled, fed and loved the orphans. Rose is completely devoted and committed to the children and widows of Gulu.
In February of 2007 World Vision wanted to relocate Rose to another area, but Rose told them she could not leave the children and resigned from her position. Since March 1, 2007, Rose has been working with Village of Hope. She is a huge asset to the work in Gulu. Her responsibilities consist of registering the organization with the government, buying land, overseeing all the building, hiring and logistics of getting the Village ready to move the children into.
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