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Cindy Cunningham
Founder and Directory of Village of Hope Uganda
  • Founder and Directory of Village of Hope Uganda

Cindy Cunningham

 is the Founder and Director of Village of Hope Uganda. She has spent her life giving, caring and helping people all over the world.

She has ministered to children, youth and adults in Japan, Hawaii, Russia and Africa with organizations like: Youth for Christ, Josh McDowell Ministries and African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries.

In 2006 Cindy took a trip to Africa which would forever change her life. She visited: Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and Uganda, and was haunted by the devastation that war, HIV/aids and poverty can have on people, especially the innocent and helpless… the children!

She returned to the US asking the question we all ask ourselves, “God, what can I do?”

Village of Hope was birthed out of her broken heart and compassion for the people of Africa.

Cindy resides in Dallas, Texas where she organizes and oversees Village of Hope Uganda and is committed to raising funds and awareness for orphans and widows in Africa.