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Impact of the CARES Act on Charitable Giving in 2020

If you itemize your deductons: You can now give more to Village of Hope and other charities before reaching your adjusted gross income (AGI) limitation. Formerly set at 60%, the limitation for cash contributions to certain public charities like VOH has now been raised to 100% of an individual’s AGI for 2020. Any giving beyond […]

Multiply your impact!

You can multiply your impact on the lives of VOH orphans just by sharing with your friends what you care about! When you ask your friends to give to a cause you care about, they are much more likely to give. They want to support you and the causes you care about! CREATE A FACEBOOK […]

2011 Annual Report

One of my key goals as CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is improving how we work together. By that, I mean how we work as a team within the foundation and how we work with our larger team of partners to build better lives for the people we serve.

In the year since I wrote my last annual letter, I’ve made some important changes at the foundation—changes that will help all of us maximize the impact of our work together.