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We received the disturbing news from Rose that 20 of our VOH kids had their huts burned down by the local government. Since each of our kids also include about 3-4 siblings that is over 100 orphans who have lost their homes, their clothes, their beds!

Thank God we were able to send over some money from the profits of Beads of Hope! We have decided that it is too risky to rebuild the huts in the IDP (refugee) camp. So we have chosen to build them in the villages a few miles from the camps. We will begin with building about 10 huts and giving them clothes and blankets.

It is a start, but we are so thankful that we were able to do something immediately to help with this catastrophe. But our HOPE is one day soon we will be able to move ALL these children to their new homes on the land at their new Village of Hope! Thank you for your part in this process… buying beads, donating your time, praying, and your sacrificial gifts!

Build a hut: $230
Blankets: $20
Mattress: $40
Clothes: $20