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We went to Gulu to visit some of our VOH children who STILL live in the “IDP camps” (which no longer exist and the children now live in a diameter of 5-6 miles around where the camps used to be).

100 little children had walked miles just to see us. They sang and danced for us. Big smiles, happy faces laughing, and a sense of “HOPE” in their eyes.

How do you explain that? They still live in the area with no parents, the only food they receive is from VOH, their clothes are threads, and no shoes.
As I prayed for them before they left, I looked at all of their feet. And thought, “if feet could talk”; What stories would we hear, what horrors would they tell us, loss? fear? hunger?

And YET, they still had joy and HOPE! As they wait for the day when they can move to the Village of Hope.

I am humbled.