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Wow, long day! After my MRI, we went to see Dr. Bashey. He said, “I am surprised you are doing so well in light of your MRI”. There is quit a bit of scar tissue and damage and he was surprised I could even walk with my right leg!

Praise God, I am a “walking miracle”!!!!

He will talk to the other Doc’s to see if I need to do radiation first or replace my skull cap first. He also said, since I had an infection in my brain this last time, my chances for getting another one is even greater and they would need to take major precautions.

Dr. Lazar said he couldn’t see that the tumor was growing back. But hard to see with all the scar tissue. Yet he knows it will grow back since it was impossible to get it all. As to when I get radiation, that is something to think through. Radiation kills healthy tissue. And my brain needs to heal in between radiation & skull replacement.

So he too will consult with the other Docs. But seems like there are no immediate plans for either!!!!!

Dr. Bashey gave me a “prescription” for physical and cognitive therapy to hopefully help with my right leg function and some of my cognitive issues.

But overall, very thankful for God’s healing hand on me. Thank you ALL for your prayers!