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It was a beautiful day. I mostly spent it with the kids. They feed my heart! Joyce came to my hut this morning. She has a circle scar on her temple, where she was shot and left for dead. She is special to me. I remember the first time I met her in the IDP camps in 2008. She was little and frail. Today I saw a young woman stand before me. She has her Father’s heart. She loves to dance the Acholi dances and sing. She said she is happiest when she is dancing!

I told her that her and I had something special in common. That she has a scar on her head, and I have one on mine… and that God saved us BOTH for a purpose! I asked if she knew why God saved me. She said, “because He loves you”. Then I asked if she knew why God saved her. She lowered her head, out of humility and said, “because He loves me too”. I told her that God had a plan for her and asked if she knew what it was… she said, “God wants me to be a social worker, so I can help other children.” I asked, “Would you work with Village of Hope.” She said, “Yes, I will take Mommy Rose’s place”. =) Tears filled my eyes at the thought of the GREAT things God will do through this precious girl’s life.

Because of girls like Joyce, I do what I do!!! And how blessed I am to be able to be a small part of her life! That God lets me see a glimpse of His work IN HER!!!!

-Cindy Cunningham