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Kinyera Geoffrey was born in northeast Uganda in 1978 in Amuru District.  His father was a doctor and was forced to join the army of Idi Amin in 1972, serving  until his death in 1990 leaving the family without a father.  In 1991 Geoffrey was abducted by the LRA and was a captive for 4 months escaping on his own and returning to his home.  However tragedy followed as his mother was killed by LRA rebels in 1995.  From this point on, Geoffrey being the oldest (14 yrs old) was responsible for the support of his 8 siblings.

In 1997 Geoffrey married his wife Monica and gained a helpmate in the care of his siblings. The family is still caring for one sibling, the other seven now successfully on their own.  Geoffrey and Monica have 3 children of their own: Douglas (11), Aron (9), Chris (6) and are expecting a baby this month!  Currently the family is living in Gulu.
Between of years of 1998-2000 Geoffrey attended secondary school and later joined vocational school and studied agriculture.  From 2005-2008 he worked as a counselor and an instructor in agriculture for World Vision International.  When the project ended he pursued farming on his own to meet his family’s needs and then in 2010 Geoffrey came to work for VOH as Director of Agriculture.

As Director  Geoffrey oversees all of the agricultural areas of our 100 acre Bweyale campus including:  commercial piggery, drip irrigation, mango production, honey production, and all of our row crops (maize, cassava, beans, chile pepper).  While expanding these areas and adding to them we also hope to begin developing agriculture at our new 50 acre campus in Bobi 45 miles north of our current location.

Geoffrey also serves on our School board as the Chairperson of the School Management Committee, responsible for the areas of student and teacher discipline.

A committed Christian since 2004,  Geoffrey loves the Lord and serves Him in his local church and also in the Ministries of the Village, both as counselor, speaker and translator.

Geoffrey adds his personal appreciation and thanks to Field of Hope for the training we received in Lira that has improved our maize production and also for the generous support and implementation of our drip irrigation. 

With our deepest appreciation and thanks for your support and friendship,

God Bless,
Geoffrey Kinyera & Mike Doud