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It’s been a difficult two weeks.  Thank you so much to Janet for faithfully staying by Cindy’s side and for the “night angels” who are giving her a chance to go home.

cindy and janetAfter draining Cindy’s head for several days to clear an infection, yesterday they took her back into surgery.  There was a lot of infection that had to be removed. Due to this, part of the bone flap also had to be removed (the size of a little larger than a silver dollar) because it had infection underneath it. Plus the likely hood of it being infected was pretty high.  She has a drain that will take out any remaining “puss” that is there and he expects to drain quite a bit in the first 24 hours.  Dr. Beshay was pleased with the outcome and says that she will need some reconstructive surgery in the future, but aren’t certain when that will be at this point.

Post-op, Cindy was feeling much better.  She is staying away from the narcotics for pain management but is still hurting.  Please continue to pray for a relief from pain and for continued healing.