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In Sept of 2007, during the peak of her work with Village of Hope, Cindy received the news that she had a meningoma brain tumor the size of a tennis ball and would have to have immediate surgery. God graciously spared her life. And to everyone’s amazement she kept working whole heartedly to bring Hope to hundreds of orphans in Northern Uganda.

Every year following, Cindy had an MRI and for four straight years, they were all clear.  But last January the doctor said the tumor was growing back, but because meningoma tumors usually grow very slow the doctor felt there was little concern and would wait until her January 2013 MRI.  After this most recent MRI, another doctor recommended surgery as the size of the tumor as well as the location was of great concern.

Cindy will undergo brain surgery on April 3.  We greatly appreciate your prayers and support for Cindy during this time.  Please check back here for daily updates on Cindy’s progress.  All of her life experiences have prepared her for “such a time as this.”  Her heart remains with the children in Uganda who she anxiously anticipates seeing again this spring.