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This Christmas your family, small group or business can make a difference in the lives of orphans in Uganda.

You can provide food, warmth and love through your gifts. You can help provide a home so these children do not have to sleep on the streets. You can provide a mattress with a blanket so these children do not have to sleep on dirt floors. You can provide food so these children do not have to go to bed hungry.

Immediate Needs Project for 200 orphans:

Orphans devastated by the 20-year war have NOTHING and NO ONE to help them. They have no food! No blankets! No place to sleep at night! This Christmas you can change that for these children!


Food 1 month: $30.00
Blankets: $20.00
Mattress: $45.00
Clothes: $25.00
Pots & Pans: $60.00 (1 family)
Shoes: $13.00
1 semester school fees: $50.00
Deworming pills: $3.00

This Christmas we would like to give each orphan/former child soldier a gift of love that will remind them that God loves THEM and that He has not forgotten them.

Village of Hope Uganda will purchase these items in-country, and Rose, our Director, will personally give them to each child.

Please help us make this Christmas an extra special one for them!