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Recently I asked Rose, our Director in Gulu, how she decides each month which of the 200 orphans she will feed in the Refugee camps, since we don’t have the money to feed them all.  This was her response:

“Sister, indeed selecting who benefits first is so challenging but these vulnerable children themselves are so amazing. They are so understanding and sacrificial. Among the most needy, they themselves know how to look and select the ones who are the most needy and they sacrifice to that one, without any complains but wait upon God for more blessings, and indeed their faith brings more blessings like through the funds we are now seeing through your tireless work. So I only guide where needed, hand in hand with the community members. But I like their heart of sacrifice and the way they look at things even when they themselves lack the same, this makes my work even easier.”

Our desire is that they all get fed, that they all get blankets and mattresses to sleep on, that they all are able to attend school. Unfortunately we can’t help the all, but we can help some!