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100 % of the profits from Beads of Hope sales support the orphans in our program.


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Village of Hope orphans and child mothers in Northern Uganda hand roll each bead from recycled paper. The orphans make these during their “craft time” at school. It is a fun activity but also a way for them to help sustain the Village. Child Mothers (young girls abducted and raped during the war and now left alone to fend for themselves) make these as a way of providing an income for themselves and their children.

beads-howmade01Recycled paper is cut into long triangular strips.

beads-howmade02Children roll the strips of paper around a needle.

beads-howmade03They glue the end, then dip it three times in a varnish.

beads-howmade04They strand the beads into necklaces and bracelets.

How Are the Beads Bringing Hope?

Shortly after they began making the beads and received their first salary, the group all decided to build an outdoor pavilion in their refugee camp. The staff of Village of Hope wondered why they would not choose something like food or clothes to buy. They were told that this is the first time the orphans had EVER thought about the future. For years they lived for “today” – where will I sleep, what will I eat today. Now because of this project, they can dream about their future!

A Recycled Life

Little JanetLittle Janet (left) came to the Village of Hope with many wounds from her past.

The effects of the war had left her fearful, shy, and isolated. Slowly she began to open up to the world around her. One of the tools in doing that was making the Beads of Hope.

She felt a sense of accomplishment. That “she” as an orphan, could make something beautiful. And day by day, God was making something beautiful out of her own life.

Janet says, “I love making the beads, it is my favorite thing to do at the Village.”