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Pat connected with VOH through his daughter Erin. She visited VOH several times and eventually moved to the Village as a volunteer. He joined our board after visiting her at the Village in 2017.  “My family and I have been so blessed in many ways, and the opportunity to come alongside Cindy and team to encourage the wonderful children of Uganda is just another blessing,” Pat shared. “During that visit, I was struck by the contrast between the living conditions in the former IDP camps and the opportunity at the VOH campuses in Bweyale and Bobi. Our villages were such a bright example of what it means for “Thy Kingdom to come to Earth as in Heaven” that I have ever experienced. 

During his visit, Pat helped teachers and other staff with computer skills and led discussions on budgeting concepts. Now he applies his business experience (including 21 years at IBM) to Board activities as we seek God’s voice and make decisions to lead the ministry.

We asked Pat how he’s seen God at work in VOH: “With the COVID crisis, the needs of our Village of Hope children and staff changed. I was so pleased that we were able to continue salaries and pivot to providing emergency food and sanitation supplies to our children and their guardians while our Villages were not able to gather. I am so thankful for our partners who have supported the mission in so many ways, those who were able to fund our COVID relief. It is so great to be part of such a great big team!”

Pat’s daughter Erin, her husband and their daughter now live in Gulu (near VOH). “My wife and I are committed to the children of Uganda for the long haul. What a blessing to be able to have a broader impact through Village of Hope!”