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Dear friends,

I know you are all thinking, “It’s about time we heard from you!” So sorry for the delay. I know many of you have been keeping up with me and with VOH via Facebook! Thank you for following and praying for us.

I am doing really good. I am able to get out and about some. Driving to near by places, no long trips yet. No headaches!!! No pain!!! My last MRI showed all things were looking good! Only a mini seizure now and then. But I’m on medication and hope that will take care of it. I have been given the “OK” to fly!!! So Janet will accompany me to Hawaii to train a team and speak at churches at the end of August and if all goes well… we will head back to Uganda at the end of Sept!!!! Woo Hoo and Praise God!

With all the great news… I am still not 100% yet. I get tired easily and working for a couple hours can wear my brain out. There is still a sense of confusion and like things aren’t quite “all up to speed”. I have neuropathy in my right leg. Which means, it is “kind of” numb. My foot has little feeling and that runs up my calf and a little into my thigh, especially if I have been sitting up straight for a long time. It won’t be until next year before they can replace the part (3 inch diameter) of my skull they had to remove. And I am still on antibiotics for the horrible infection I had. And will most likely be on them for many years to come.

One of the things that I have been learning to accept… needing to accept is the idea/fact that I may be “limited” physically but more than that, “mentally” by the surgery and infection. Do I believe God can heal me completely? YES!!! But might He choose to make me “less so He can become MORE”? Yes. My prayer through this whole time has been, that He would be glorified! What if He chooses to make me weak… so He is Glorified more. So when people SEE the work done through Village of Hope, there will be no doubt that GOD DID it, and not Cindy.

I would like to say, I am fully onboard with that plan… but I am not yet. These limitation are frustrating. There are so many things I want to and need to do!!! But I can’t!!! It is difficult to keep up with correspondence for VOH, raising funds, helping our staff in Uganda, being there for our kids and the many other responsibilities I have as Director of VOH… like the situation below…

While I was in the hospital and recovering, one of our sweet boys, Denis was expelled for our VOH Primary School. I didn’t find out until about a month after the fact. My sweet staff wanted to spare me the heartache. I love Denis. He is a big boy, with much horror in his past from the LRA. He was abducted and forced to do REALLY horrible things.

When we brought him to the Village last year, I was there. He came straight up to me and said, “Thank you, Mama Cindy, for bringing me here!!!” He was the only child who has ever said that to me. I sensed he KNEW how coming to the Village of Hope could/would change his life.

He was a leader from day one. The other kids looked up to him. And he was gentle with the little ones. He loved to dance and play the Acholi traditional instruments.

He used his leadership to rally a group of other boys at the Village of Hope to start a protest that would have led into a riot to destroy our school if our staff had not intervened. (This has become a common practice in the Ugandan public schools. If the children don’t like the food, they start a riot and destroy the school and even hurt the teachers.)

Our teachers feared this would be the case and with the Godly direction of Mike & Janelle, they choose to expel Denis from school.

Am I mad at Denis? No! I am heart broken for my sweet boy. Heart broken that I wasn’t there to talk to him; remind him that “that” is NOT who he is! He is a child of God, not a child of the LRA!

It takes so long for our children to change the way they think about themselves. Their lives have been surrounded with pain, killing, abuse, lies and mistrust. I can’t expect a boy like Denis to change in a little over a year.

The challenges are greater as our children become young women and young men. The girls become targets of older men, who want to seduce them into becoming a 2nd or 3rd wife. Since many of our girls were abducted and raped, they are considered to be “defiled”, “used goods” and in their culture, the best they could hope for would be to become a 2nd or 3rd wife. Boys begin to drink, run with gangs; all the things that are familiar to them from their time of being Child Soldiers!

In the last 3 years we have lost 10 of our girls and 3 of our boys due to these issues. It is heart breaking. God wants so much more for them.

Pray for us, that God would give us wisdom, grace and love as we minister to our children.

One of the things we MUST do is: OPEN the Secondary School in Feb 2014. (This is like Middle & High School in the US). We also want to get the Bobi Village (our second Village) built to a place where we can move another 100 of our children to in Feb 2014!

These are BOTH BIG PROJECTS!!! Impossible projects in the eyes of man. But like our VOH School Moto says: “Nothing is impossible with God!”

I need your help. I can not do this alone. Please pray about giving a donation of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever God lays on your heart to BUILD HOPE in the lives of our orphans in Uganda.

Mail your check today to:


PO Box 700126

Dallas, TX 75370

Memo: Build Hope

Thank you again for your love, support, prayers, cards, emails, flowers, and the many other loving ways you reached out to me over the last 3 months. I have felt the love of Christ through YOUR hands!!!!

With much love and a thankful heart and for the sake of the children,

Cindy Cunningham